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Our custom button badges is one of the easiest tools that you can use with a huge variety of items that is either made with canvas, cotton or metal. Made with lightweight material in plastic and covered with Mylar coating, with sizes ranging from as small as 25mm to 75mm to suit the occasion but they all come in round shape. It also makes a fabulous individual statement and also as an added accessory making it the ideal marketing product for all of your marketing needs. Giving out something that your potential customers can carry with them everywhere gives you the added benefits of having your desired print be it a custom artwork, brand new logo, a mascot and etc. get the exposure that it needs. Be sure to create the best design for your logo, event details or even artwork because we'll get each and every detail done to look exactly the same as per your design with the help of our digital high resolution full colour printing.

You can also order our button badges in bulks. We know how you feel about having to order a ton when you only need a handful, that's why we're letting you decide to get as little or as many as you want with our no MOQ policy, no more of the hassle of dealing with anything surplus to requirements. Our button badges come in 8 unique and different types like usual custom pin badges, the mirror keychain that was designed leaning more towards potential female customers. Should you want your guests at the wedding reception, road show exhibitions or even anniversary celebrations entertained with their own printed gift items then you can easily do so with our Instant Gift Printing service. Choose from an extended list of gifts, then proceed to the photoshoot for a picture using our fast photo printing and voila, collect them at our installed booth, all of which will be done during the event.

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