"Enterprise Gathering 9.0" - Huawei Enterprise Visit organized by "The Entrepreneur"

"Enterprise Gathering 9.0" - Huawei Enterprise Visit organized by "The Entrepreneur"

(Last Updated: June 26, 2023, by Hanis)

June 26th 2023, marked a significant milestone for us as we participated in the "Enterprise Gathering 9.0" - Huawei Enterprise Visit, organized by "The Entrepreneur". It was an enlightening and enriching experience that left us inspired and motivated.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Jonathan Lim for his insightful session on "The impact of digital transformation in business". His sharing of the secrets of digital transformation resonated deeply with us as entrepreneurs.

Our visit to the Huawei Customer Solution Innovation Center Malaysia was nothing short of remarkable. We were privileged to witness firsthand the latest in renewable energy technology and other cutting-edge innovations. The opportunity provided by Huawei Malaysia was invaluable in broadening our horizons and understanding the possibilities that digital transformation offers.

During the event, we seized the chance to share our journey of digital transformation at Printcious. We delved into practical cases, particularly focusing on our strategies in market research, Google marketing, and sales optimization. We highlighted the SAAS tools we leverage and the key metrics we track to enhance our business efficiency.

We are immensely grateful to "The Entrepreneur" for allowing us to sponsor exclusive merchandise for all the attendees. It was an honor for us to contribute in such a meaningful way to the success of the event.


We were thrilled to have sponsored canvas tote bags and button badges with custom printing for this event. It was an excellent opportunity for us to not only participate but also advertise our products and services.

This sponsorship holds significant importance to us as it allowed us to showcase our range of products and services to the event participants. From lanyards to tote bags, non-woven bags, mousepads, and t-shirts, we offer a wide array of customizable gifts.

If you're looking to personalize gifts for your next event or occasion, look no further. Contact Printcious to bring your ideas to life with our custom printing services. Let us help you create memorable and personalized gifts that leave a lasting impression.

In conclusion, the Huawei Enterprise Visit was an eye-opening experience that reinforced our commitment to embracing digital transformation. We are excited about the opportunities it presents and look forward to implementing new strategies to drive our business forward. We are deeply appreciative of the knowledge shared, the connections made, and the chance to contribute to the entrepreneurial community. Here's to continued growth and innovation on our digital journey!

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