Menstrual Matters Exhibition by Feminism Club UM

Menstrual Matters Exhibition by Feminism Club UM

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On a bright, sunny day on May 12 2024, at the heart of University Malaya, an event of significant importance took place, drawing the attention of students, faculty, and community members alike. The "Menstrual Matters Exhibition" was not just an event; it was a movement aimed at addressing the pressing issues surrounding menstrual fairness.

With an impressive turnout of 400 attendees on 9-10th May 2024, the exhibition shed light on menstrual stigma, poverty, and myths, creating a platform for open dialogue and education.

Printcious: Proud Sponsor of Menstrual Matters

At Printcious, we believe in supporting initiatives that promote fairness, education, and empowerment. Our sponsorship of the Menstrual Matters Exhibition was a testament to this commitment.

We were delighted to contribute by supplying custom button badges for the event, emblazoned with powerful slogans such as "Period Proud" and "End Period Poverty."

Our button badges were a hit among attendees, serving as both a memento of the event and a symbol of solidarity with the menstrual fairness movement.

Each badge was designed to spark conversations, raise awareness, and empower individuals to take pride in their bodies and advocate for menstrual equity.

Sponsorship and Support: A Community Effort

The success of the Menstrual Matters Exhibition was a testament to the power of community support and collaboration. In addition to Printcious, various organizations and individuals came together to make the event possible.

Their contributions, whether through sponsorship, volunteering, or simply attending, played a crucial role in creating a meaningful and impactful event.

Our involvement went beyond simply providing button badges. As sponsors, we were proud to support an event that aligned with our values and mission.

The positive feedback we received from attendees reaffirmed our belief in the importance of supporting initiatives that promote menstrual fairness and education.

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Breaking the Silence: Addressing Menstrual Stigma

Menstrual stigma is a pervasive issue that affects individuals worldwide. Often considered a taboo subject, menstruation is rarely discussed openly, leading to a lack of understanding and support for those who menstruate.

The Menstrual Matters Exhibition aimed to break this silence and foster a more inclusive and supportive environment.

Our button badges played a crucial role in this endeavor. By wearing badges with bold, empowering messages, attendees could proudly display their support for menstrual fairness and encourage others to join the conversation.

It was inspiring to see so many people donning the badges, united in their commitment to breaking the silence around menstruation.

Tackling Menstrual Poverty: A Call to Action

Menstrual poverty is another critical issue that the exhibition addressed. Many individuals, particularly those in low-income communities, lack access to affordable menstrual products. This can lead to missed school days, compromised health, and a perpetuation of the cycle of poverty.

One of the most impactful aspects of the exhibition was the awareness talk on how to end period poverty. Experts and activists shared insights into the various barriers that individuals face in accessing menstrual products and the steps that can be taken to overcome these challenges.

They discussed initiatives such as providing free menstrual products in schools and workplaces, advocating for policy changes, and supporting grassroots organizations that work directly with affected communities.

Attendees left the talk with a deeper understanding of menstrual poverty and a renewed sense of urgency to take action. Many pledged to support local initiatives, donate menstrual products, and raise awareness about this critical issue in their own communities.

Our sponsorship provided an additional layer of support for these efforts. The button badges served as conversation starters, helping to spread the message about the importance of ending menstrual poverty. By wearing these badges, attendees could signal their commitment to this cause and inspire others to join the fight for menstrual equity.

Debunking Menstrual Myths: Education and Empowerment

Myths and misconceptions about menstruation are prevalent in many cultures, leading to misinformation and shame.

The Menstrual Matters Exhibition dedicated a significant portion of its programming to debunking these myths and providing accurate, science-based information about menstruation.

Interactive displays and educational materials covered topics such as the biology of menstruation, the health benefits of various menstrual products, and the debunking of common myths.

For example, many attendees were surprised to learn that menstruation is not "dirty" or "impure," but a natural and healthy bodily process.

By dispelling these myths, the exhibition aimed to empower individuals with knowledge and encourage them to approach menstruation with a more positive and informed perspective.

This shift in mindset is crucial for reducing stigma and promoting menstrual fairness.

Engaging Activities: Learning Through Experience

In addition to informative talks and displays, the Menstrual Matters Exhibition featured a variety of engaging activities that allowed attendees to learn through experience.

One of the most popular attractions was the period pain simulator. This device gave participants a firsthand experience of the physical discomfort associated with menstrual cramps.

Many attendees, particularly those who do not menstruate, gained a newfound appreciation for the challenges that menstruating individuals face.

Another highlight was the menstrual cup booth, where attendees could learn about the benefits and usage of menstrual cups.

Trained volunteers provided demonstrations and answered questions, helping to demystify this eco-friendly menstrual product.

Many attendees left the booth feeling more confident and informed about their menstrual product options.

Looking Ahead: Continuing the Conversation

The Menstrual Matters Exhibition was a significant step forward in the fight for menstrual fairness, but it was just the beginning.

The conversations started at the event must continue, and the momentum built must be sustained.

University Malaya plans to follow up on the success of the exhibition with additional initiatives aimed at promoting menstrual education and support.

These include workshops, advocacy campaigns, and partnerships with local organizations. The goal is to create a campus and community where menstrual fairness is the norm, not the exception.

For attendees, the exhibition was an eye-opening experience that inspired many to take action. Whether by advocating for policy changes, supporting local initiatives, or simply having more open conversations about menstruation, each person can play a role in advancing menstrual fairness.

The Menstrual Matters Exhibition at University Malaya was more than just an event; it was a powerful statement about the importance of menstrual fairness.

By addressing menstrual stigma, poverty, and myths, the exhibition created a platform for education, empowerment, and advocacy. The engaging activities, informative talks, and strong community support made it a memorable and impactful experience for all who attended.

As sponsors, we at Printcious were proud to support this important initiative. We believe that by working together, we can create a world where menstruation is understood, accepted, and supported.

The Menstrual Matters Exhibition was a significant step in that direction, and we look forward to continuing to support efforts that promote menstrual fairness and education in the future.

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