8 Tips to Find a Reliable Printing Shop For Personal and Corporate Use

8 Tips to Find a Reliable Printing Shop For Personal and Corporate Use

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Printing played a major role in economic development since the Renaissance period and its fundamental revolution has turned itself into a multi-billion dollar industry ever since. In the last few ten years, people have found that printing was able to change the lives of many through personalization and made-to-measure labeling. Either online or physical, a printing shop is where visions are assembled into physical existence.

With hundreds of printing houses that offer almost similar services in this country, each has its own distinctive levels of expertise. There is a lot to consider before you can find the most rewarding printing experience for your precious goods.

8 Tips to a Find Reliable Printing Shop

  • Do Your Research

Before you set up a meeting with a printing shop representative to discuss your views and aspirations, get to know how the company works. Do a brief study about the service that they are offering and how they operate to fulfill customers' desires. The easiest way to gather information is by logging on to the merchant's website. These are some questions that need to be answered in just a few clicks.

  • What are the products available for printing?

  • What is their significant expertise?

  • How long have they been in the industry?

  • Is the service available online or only limited to physical appointments?

Of course, the list of questions can go all the way and may seem to be overanalytical in some ways. However, this process helps lead you to have the best customer experience especially when you are the person in-charged to manage a company's corporate gifts. There is no room for hiccups when doing something important for your company.

  • Competent Creative Team

A good printing company should have a strategic approach to cater to the needs of customers. Each customer that walks into a printing shop is very different than the others. Some might already have significant designing experience but yet, many still need help.


Normally they hire in-house designers to play a creative role in conceptualizing, designing, testing, and finishing products. The printing house you're eyeing needs to be confident enough to nurture your imaginations and turn those thoughts into a high-quality product.

  • Study The Product Material

At this stage, you'll need to pull as much information as you possibly can about the product item that you're planning to print. Study the physical nature of the product to have a better idea about its potency to look nice and last long enough. Pay attention to the care guide too as different material has specific handling instructions.

Consumers need to find the best product material to display their designs with clarity and excellent durability. Honestly, it's a lot like searching for the perfect canvas for a painting. Every artist knows that longevity is the key to a great legacy. Canvas is very popular within the printing industry. If you desire artistic wall art or customized canvas print, Printcious Gifts has just what you need.

  • Excellent Printing Quality

The next thing you need to examine during the printing service hunt is the quality of the finished product itself. To get a basic idea of how the product you ordered would look like, you'll have to physically visit the shop and see the printing sample for yourself. Yes, you can check on their official website or social media platform but you'd lose some sense to figure out its appearance.

Also, you need to be aware of the technology and material used at the production level. As new advancements emerge every day, these variables are important to take into account because they may show different results.

  • Reasonable Processing Time

Printing can take a lot of planning, doesn't matter if you order in a large quantity or just a small number. We expect to receive the final product in the designated time frame or in other words, as soon as possible. Considering the amount of order and the degree of urgency, make sure the printing house can reasonably adjust to your demand.

As a consumer, you also need to encompass what is happening around the clock. Meaning when you make a purchase during the peak season like Christmas or Valentine's day, expect some delays in the processing time. Think ahead of time when customizing your presents or make bookings for corporate gifts at times like this.

  • Shipping Efficiency

In the new era of shopping, we make a purchase at our own comfort and wait until our package arrives at home. Shoppers always want fast, hassle-free, and FOC delivery. But when you make a custom purchase in a large number, it doesn't always go as easy. Be sure whether the shipping fee is included in the quote sent to you and if it's not, will you be able to pay extra or do a self-collect instead? Either way, be certain which is more convenient for you.


Shipment can possibly be a problem that's going to cost you extra time and money. To avoid late delivery or having to pick up your items at the post office, plan your timeline carefully. Consider the processing time and delivery process. Leave a handful of time before the big event in case you need to return your order out of dissatisfaction.

Printcious alleviates any worrisome about its customers' order delivery. They built a partnership with one of the most experienced shipping companies, Aramex which has been carrying out the task flawlessly locally and around the world. If you are still concerned about the delivery time, they allow a self-collect option for your preference.

  • Sensible Price Tag

Take a moment to make a cost comparison among the possible printing house candidates. This way, you can foresee the expenses total and set an expectation about the finished product. Many of us think that the least we spend, the better. However, in printing especially, the cheap production cost is not necessarily a good option for you. This goes back to materials and printing quality.

Printing customized items like gifts, home decorations, or necessity products are the best investment you can do for yourself or your loved ones. In addition to affordable prices, Printcious helps provide thousands of ready designs and templates that you can personalize according to your taste or for a specific event. Now, everyone can create a happy and personalized environment without having to splurge.

  • Interactive Customer Service

The most overlooked criteria in the search of a printing shop are knowing the extent of customer service. It is vital that your printing shop of choice has a better grasp on your demand. Building trust with the company is the key to a great purchasing experience. Conflicts and errors occur quite a lot throughout the process so customer service functions to sort things out and provide the perfect solutions for you. It's always easy to make an arrangement with a person that truly understands you.

To summarize, printing does more than serve commercial motives. It targets to channel information about a subject matter or a product but most importantly, it brings awareness of your presence as a company. Great printing quality contributes to an excellent marketing strategy which ultimately ensures a better understanding of your brand.

In a more domestic context, we choose printing to achieve a more personalized lifestyle in the forms of daily necessities, decorations, and the art of gifting. With that in mind, understanding where you are coming from is also important before begin realizing your visions and wisdom into a finessed printed product.

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