10 WFH Items You Should Have In Your Home Office

10 WFH Items You Should Have In Your Home Office

(Last Updated: August 10, 2021, by Efny)

Since working from home has become normal these days, many of us are likely to look for items that feed the needs of this new lifestyle. We would browse the internet for hours just to find things that keep us motivated to complete daily tasks. So, when it comes to sending gifts to someone, think about getting stuff that makes their workdays easier. You know that they’ll appreciate anything you give them just to make things far less of a clutter.

In this list, you’ll discover a range of products specifically to cater for WFH activities that can make anyone motivated. Regardless of the occasion or holiday or you simply want to buy yourself or a loved one a nice present, each gift will surely spark joy during this trying time. The best part is, most of the gifts we suggest are customizable. So, you can take this opportunity to create the most special gift you could send to someone. Here we go!

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Don’t talk to me until I have my coffee! It’s a known fact that the crucial part of waking up on a workday (or any day) is coffee in your mug. I’m sure you have a lot of other choices but, this one is unlike anything out there. What’s special about this color mug is its adorable interior color matches the handle. Imagine something that gives you heart eyes very early in the morning. It’s a cute decoration to put on your work desk. Plus, you get to customize the mug with your own photo and text. Now that is something you don’t get so often.

  • Magic Mug

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If you think color mug is enough to go about the day, wait until you see this magic mug. You will be amazed by the surprise picture that suddenly appears as you pour the hot delicious coffee. The heat-sensitive coating reveals your customized design in a gradual manner. So, you will be looking forward to witnessing the magic mug in action before heading to your computer every day.

  • Coaster

When you’re done choosing the perfect mug for work, match it with a good custom coaster. You don’t have to worry about drink spills stain your desk, or even worst your paperwork. Safe to say that even though at work, you can keep it tidy (and classy).

  • Table Lamp

It’s a sin to not include a table lamp in this list. This work light by Ikea is trending and I think you know why. Its aesthetic makes a minimalist go crazy about just owning one. Its size and the right amount of brightness creates a conducive environment for reading and writing.

  • Throw Pillow

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The silver lining behind working from home is everyone can get comfortable in their own space. With that said, a throw pillow is just a perfect item to get with it. Whenever you feel lonely, a custom pillow printed with photographs of a loved one we always are there to accompany. Back pain? Solved! Just place this comfy pillow behind your back.

  • Door Hangers

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WFH obviously comes with many distractions. Among them is when a family member or a roommate makes it hard to concentrate on the work or online meetings. No worries, you can politely keep them away for some time with a door hanger. I’m sure they’ll understand and let you focus on what’s on the plate. Personalize this door hanger with your own words!

Let’s accessories your work desk with a creative mouse pad ever. It makes working a joy ride as you slide your mouse over a custom made pad. It comes in two shapes, rectangle and circle. Get the one that goes well with your photo or design. Best believe working will be less stressful and more enjoyable.

  • Aromatic Diffuser

Create a serene environment to do work at your home. An air diffuser ignites your workaholic energy with a relaxing scent that you can change to create a different mood. Plus, your table setting is untouchable with this modern yet elegant diffuser design.

  • Clocks

I know that phones and computers tell time too, but a clock is a whole different thing. A clock allows you visually experience how much 15 minutes look and feel. For someone that’s always in a rush, time feels slower when you see it moves. So, you can arrange your tasks within the sections of the clock. You can also customize your clock too with very simple steps.

  • Table Flag

Looking for a nice décor for your home office? Try this accessorizing with this unique table flag that you can print photos or words on it. This flag comes with a gold and silver finish making it stands out among your work equipment. It keeps you motivated when seeing photos of loved ones or words of encouragement while working. Such an energy booster.

There you go, 10 WFH items that you should have for yourself or a loved one. Each item has its own way to create a conducive environment for your career at home. We’ve been working from home for a while now and it’s about time to cater for all of our needs. If you’re looking for more creative gift designs that are not necessarily to be customized, Printcious has everything you need. Read more gift inspirations blogs like this one to find the best gift you could ever give to someone.

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