Door Gift Ideas For Dinner Events

Door Gift Ideas For Dinner Events

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Some parties are harder to throw than the others and celebratory dinner is just as hard. No matter if it’s a birthday party, wedding dinner, or a company’s annual diner, finding the right door gift has always been a challenge.

Here are door gift ideas to inspire you in preparing for the special night.

Door Gift Ideas For Dinner Events




Events involving family, friends, and close acquaintances as guests are always near formal. People from different backgrounds are coming together to celebrate your special moments in life.

Some will bring their kids as well. With that in mind, the gifts that you’re handing over have to be age-appropriate for everyone to enjoy. The best way to resolve this is to go with mug printing service.

Mugs are practical, versatile, and very fashionable for everyone. You also can make it even more special with some customizations. Print your gorgeous photos and short messages to commemorate the day.

Thanks to the technology, now everyone can design their mugs using an easy-to-use online tool that will bring the shopping experience to the next level. Plus, goods will be delivered in no time.



Chocolate has become a default choice as a wedding favours & door gift idea in Malaysia as long as anyone can remember. It is a symbol of love, joy, and passion other than just its delicious taste.

Come on, you can’t hide the fact that most people love eating them.

In addition, chocolate is synonymous with the celebration of love where they are nicely wrapped and given away during Valentine's.

It makes perfect sense why chocolate should be on the reception table during your beautiful wedding dinner.


Button Badges

Did you know that button badges are originally worn by military and politicians for ranking identification purposes?

Today it is a symbol of unity which makes it a perfect door gift for the company's annual dinner. The best thing about button badges is that they're really fun and chic to wear.

Find the best button badge as a gift in various sizes, background designs and portray your message to the guests.

To add more,button badges today also come in other forms to serve different functions.

For example, you may find the ones with a safety pin badge, magnetic badge, and even an opener badge. That's a lot of features in a such small item.



For a sophisticated touch at dinner events, consider offering lanyards as door gifts. These versatile accessories not only serve as practical keepsakes but also add a touch of elegance to the occasion.

Attendees can conveniently secure their event badges or keys while navigating the festivities, promoting a sense of unity and identity among participants.

Customizing lanyards with event logos or themes enhances brand visibility and creates lasting memories.

The practicality of lanyards extends beyond the event planning, turning them into functional mementos that recipients can use in their daily lives. Embrace this subtle yet impactful gesture to leave a lasting impression on your dinner event attendees.



As cliché as it sounds, everyone would love to receive flowers or dried flowers as wedding door gift idea during an eventful night. Rose is the most popular one followed by other kinds like chrysanthemum, lilies, and tulips.

Handing flowers to your guests is beautiful but you can make it even more amazing with some lovely words on greeting cards or stickers.

Turn your writing switch on then jot down on how you want everybody to remember this night and explain what the flower symbolizes.

If you find writing is too much work, just print your greeting stickers with appropriate designs and save extra time before the event. The result will be even more flawless!



Yes, guests are supposed to give presents to you at your birthday dinner but you also need to provide them something small in return. It’s like showing that you’re a thoughtful host.

No need to spend so much on gifts because it is still your birthday dinner. Lucky that glass coaster is another gift idea that doesn’t cost so much but its practicality is preserved.

It is an underrated gift to be giving away mainly because not many people realize its importance in a household.

Coasters make life so much easier especially for working people that desperately in need of coffee every morning. We all got 99 problems but cleaning spills on the keyboard is not one of them.


When preparing for door gifts, the trouble gets bigger when not only you need to shop for one person but you need to cater to everyone that shows up.

Worry not, there are hundreds of online gift outlets that let you buy their products in large numbers. For instance, Printcious Gifts allows you to order in bulk and offer the buyers to design on their own.

This service not only can be utilized by private personnel but also can be enjoyed by business entities to handover gifts during annual dinner or to reward their customers. 

That’s because gifting is supposed to be really fun! It doesn’t matter what you give, people will appreciate your effort. The thoughts of giving worth far more than the gift itself.


Magician Service

Additionally, after you've arranged your door gifts, you might want to think about engaging a magician service to delight your guests during the event. 

Engaging a close-up magician adds an enchanting and interactive element to your event, captivating and entertaining your guests with mesmerizing sleight of hand and illusions.


Hand Sanitiser

Lastly, distributing hand sanitiser is a prudent choice, especially with the ongoing concerns about COVID.

It demonstrates a commitment to health and safety, providing a practical and thoughtful gift for attendees to help maintain a hygienic environment during the event.


Enjoy every second of preparing and hosting your special dinner and we hope it’s going to be the best night of your life!

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