T-shirt Design Ideas This Year

T-shirt Design Ideas This Year

(Last Updated: April 13, 2021, by Efny)

With different styles, functions, and purposes, t-shirts are one of the ways to express who we are and sometimes be fashionable. While for others, they see t-shirts as a channel for free advertising.

What makes the perfect t-shirts that caters to all of these tasks? How to design polo t-shirt from scratch? Read through to find out.

We bet you’re here because you have a killer idea for a t-shirt to style on a daily basis. Maybe you are looking for a way to promote your business, or you hope to make a side income by selling merch.

Or, you are celebrating a special event, like a reunion or a family day. No matter the nature is, you must not miss this ultimate guide on how to design a t-shirts, polo t-shirts or sublimation t-shirts.

We will be going through every step from the designing process, design trends, brainstorming ideas, and ultimately to get your design mass-produced.

No matter if you are new or super experienced in t-shirt printing, these hot tips will come in handy.


T-shirt Design Ideas 101: A Beginner's Guide

Figure out what’s its purpose

Whatever your intention of creating a t-shirts or polo t-shirts may be, it always requires branding to anchor attention. If you’re using sublimation t-shirts to do promotion of your brand, branding is what you to focus on.

If you are targeting the fashion market, you’ll still need to carefully curate your brand concept. For personal use or to celebrate an event or tv shows, you need to make sure that the t-shirt design itself communicates clearly.

Now, list down your cool design ideas in terms of themed t-shirts, style, and look that you wish the shirts to convey. Is your brand going to be cheerful or serious? Luxurious or affordable?

A fully realized t-shirt for polo t-shirts or sublimation t-shirts can answer these questions at the first glance.

To achieve the most effective design elements, try not to follow personal taste but instead, pay more attention to the data that’s going to profit you in any way.

Get to know who are your target clients and what brand trait they want to buy from.


Know your budget and quantity requirements.

You can't wait to get started on the actual t-shirt concept. We understand. But first, let's settle a few specifics so you can better concentrate your design: your budget and quantity.

Your design will be influenced by your budget and the number of t-shirts you need.

Budget and quantity, for example, can influence how many colors you can use. Depending on the printing method you use, Additional colors can result in a higher price.

If you're on a budget, conserving colors is a smart way to save money.

Your printing techniques will be influenced by the number of shirts you need. Some methods are particularly well suited to large-scale printing.

Others have a higher per-shirt cost and are best suited to limited orders. Plan your budget and quantity until you start thinking about designing or printing.


Printing options

There are some crucial things to look at when finding the best t-shirt printing method. For example, the cost, printing quality, production time as well as materials.

Nothing is more important than the other. Below are some of the most popular t-shirt printing methods.

  • Screen Printing

It is a classic way of printing. Really, but it’s still widely used today. Your printer will prepare an original screen of your design for each color that allows you to print in bulk.

This method is affordable especially for orders of more than 20 pieces. However, colorful designs can end up being really expensive.

  • Vinyl Graphic

It is a heat-transfer printing method but instead of ink, it uses durable vinyl to appear as designs.

Depending on your graphic elements, adding more color costs more each time, making it a little unsuitable for large orders.

  • DTG (Direct To Garment)

Image source: Epson

DTG printing is a newer alternative that uses the same freedom as inkjet printing but prints directly on fabric.

The best thing is that polo t-shirts or sublimation t-shirts designs that are highly customizable, with a lot of detail and a lot of color options. It is also a popular method and probably the best one for you.


Create a design concept

It’s time to get creative! We know that you want to jump into this process too badly.

As long as you take time and effort to prepare for this, you should be okay and fun! Here are some eye catching tips to boost your creativity in design for different special occasions.

  • T-shirt variations

There are a lot of great t-shirt types that you can choose from. You should carefully pick the right kind that suits your intended goals.

A short-sleeve shirt might not be suitable for female Muslim events. That is just an example, but you do need to see what is best to promote certain organizations

  • Aesthetics

Cartoon Space Aesthetic Tee

This is the phase where you can rely on your creativity and artistic sense to showcase nice designs and portray the messages.

The three key things; your brand, your market, and your messages should be put together before producing the best design.

  • Typography

You're So Golden, Typography Tee

Font selection says a lot about a brand. Serif fonts and script fonts have a more classic appearance while Sans-serif fonts give it a more contemporary feel.

Whatever your choice is, make sure to have fun with it yet still maintain its readability.


Time to design

A T-shirt is something that is timeless and never getting out of style. Throughout history, humans have narrowed down garments from extravagant dresses to a basic T-shape of the body.

A T-shirt is something that is timeless and never getting out of style. Now we have to the technology needed to articulate what design and messages to print on polo t-shirts or sublimations t-shirts.

We hope these tips on how to create unique t-shirt designs provided you with everything you need to begin.


Let's ask your graphic designer to read above design inspiration and do some creative t-shirt design ideas to capture your target audience now! Wear your t-shirt, wear your style!

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