Secret Santa Ideas for Last Minute Shoppers

Secret Santa Ideas for Last Minute Shoppers

(Last Updated: September 9, 2021, by Efny)

Looking for last-minute gift ideas? Don’t fret! This Secret Santa ideas guide will give you plenty of great gift ideas to fit any budget—you’ll even find low-cost, DIY gift idea suggestions. No matter if you’re shopping for your boss, an office co-worker, or your family members, this guide will help you find the perfect Christmas gift ideas, including Secret Santa gifts, stocking stuffers, and more! These ideas are great whether you’re shopping online or in stores.


Secret Santa Ideas for Men

Many men tend to feel uncomfortable shopping for themselves. If your Secret Santa is a man, focus on gift ideas that are practical and functional, but still have a touch of personality. A new tie, socks or slippers are always great gifts. But if you know him better, why not give him something more personal? New grooming products (he probably doesn’t splurge on these himself) like shaving supplies or new fragrances are also great choices. A new coffee mug with his favourite hobby or sports team will also make an appreciated gift that he can enjoy every day.



  • Sunglasses

  • Mug






Secret Santa Ideas for Women

Christmas is fast approaching. If you’re a woman with a Secret Santa to buy gifts for, here are some last-minute gift ideas. There’s no need to stress—you have plenty of time to figure out what to get your Secret Santa! And if you’re panicking because it’s been so long since November that your brain can’t even remember who all of your friends are, relax—we have some ideas that will solve your Secret Santa woes in no time. These last-minute gift ideas won't break any budgets and they're also perfect if you're running low on time before Christmas dinner comes around!







Secret Santa Ideas for Friends

In order to ensure that your Secret Santa gift is as thoughtful as possible, think about what you know about your friend and use those details as inspiration. For example, if your co-worker loves reading thrillers from her favorite author or binge-watching Netflix shows with her roommate, then you could personalize a book cover or a set of pyjamas with a quirky quote from one of their fave shows.







Secret Santa Ideas for Coworkers

To help you out last-minute shoppers, here are a few last-minute Secret Santa ideas that your coworker will absolutely love. No matter what you’re looking to spend—or if you have something in mind already—we’ve got some great suggestions. But don’t stress too much about coming up with a great idea right now. As long as it’s thoughtful and fits your budget, chances are your Secret Santa buddy will be happy with whatever you choose. You can always come back to us later if you have trouble finding something on short notice!






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