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Wave your Flags & Proud of it Today

Whether you're under the Union Jack flag, Italian flag, American flag, Australian flag or even one that you made up all by yourself. A flag represent a country and more often than not their specialty as is the case with Canada with their maple leaf and America with the number of their states clearly depicted as stars in their flag. For most people, you'd want to see your flag high up on the flag pole fluttering in the wind but the weather changes over time so why not get your very own custom table top flags that you can get them flutter in the wind albeit from the small fan that you have in your office in Malaysia.

It doesn't always have to be about decorations when you can just as easily make use of them for your very own party games in Malaysia. Maybe even capture the flag like counter strike but hands instead of guns, get your own unique games up and running, starting with creating your own personal small table flags, where you can get multiple designs onto them with our online design tool.

Wouldn't it be a great way to teach kids to get to know the world through getting all the small flags of the world? You can even go all out and get a world map printed out in a huge canvas or bunting and make it look like a game of sorts. It's better than to just read about it in a textbook. You could even use them on sports day, where the participants will be divided into teams, and finding a place to lineup or even go for registration could prove to be a hassle with so many people around. So why don't you get our mini table flags to help you do just that, since you could even design your own flag, it's going to be one really fun sports day in Malaysia.

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