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Dealer Program - Dropship Supplier in Customised Gifts

Program Highlights

  • What is a Printcious Dealer Program?
    • Printcious Dealer program is the reseller program that allows you to earn EXTRA income by selling customised gifts.
    • As our dealer, you do not have to keep the stocks. All you have to do is promote and we will do the rest for you.
  • How can Printcious Dealer promote the products?
    You may choose to promote via:
    • Social media sites.
    • Personal store or studios.
    • Personal blogs and online shopping platform.
  • What does a Dealer need to do?
    • Browse items to sell on Printcious Catalogue.
    • You may customise the design or get the ready-made template from our website.
    • UPLOAD products photo on your online store.
    • Promote and start selling.
    • Get order and top up credits at Printcious website.

Benefits You Gain

Entitled for up to 60% discount of all Printcious products
High profits up to 100%
Can be done via part time, offline, online
No registration fees
No need to keep stocks

Recommended Selling Price

Pick from a wide range of products to create unique customisable gifts.

Recommended Selling Price (RSP) and Dealer Price (DP) as below.


RSP : RM 57.00
DP : RM 22.00
Profit : RM 35.00
Margin : 61%


RSP : RM 42.70
DP : RM 15.00
Profit : RM 27.70
Margin : 65%


RSP : RM 57.00
DP : RM 25.00
Profit : RM 32.00
Margin : 56%


RSP : RM 42.70
DP : RM 15.00
Profit : RM 27.70
Margin : 65%

How our Dealer Program Works

Top up your credit
Promote your business online
Place orders & enjoy special prices
We deduct from your credit
Relax while items are printed & shipped
1 Fill in the Dealer Program form
2 Top up for the first time
3 Enjoy shopping from us

Top Up Promotion

Top Up Package Loyalty Rewards
100 100% + RM 100 *
300 5% + RM 15
500 8% + RM 40
1,000 12% + RM 120

Terms & Conditions

  1. All order amounts will be deducted from your credit balance.
  2. Printing is based on final draft provided by dealer.
  3. Dealers are allowed to promote all products with our photos on any website, blog or in retail shop.
  4. * For first 50 new dealers who first top up, will get free RM 100 credits if upload SSM Certificate or Business Name Card. Subject to approval.

See What Our Dealers Say

" No need to bother about production and delivery. Printcious handles everything for me..."
- Kevin Ong, Graphic Designer from Kuala Lumpur

" Easy way to make money by just designing t-shirts, mugs and so on for my walk in customer..."
- Yusof, Gift Shop Owner, Penang

" Printcious allows me to reprint my digital caricature onto different gifts to make additional income..."
- Amin, Caricaturist, Shah Alam

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Want to ask more? Drop us an email at dealer@printcious.com.