Ah, the age-old question of does he or she like me. Although this question has been asked many times, people keep on asking so as to find new answers to this question that will hopefully shed a light on their current or prospective relationships. And so here we’ve prepared several key points for contemplation that with any luck will help you to discern whether the man, woman, boy or girl in your life has the hots for you.

1. They Listen

Everyone has the ability to listen without a doubt but do they really listen? If someone likes you, they’ll pay attention to what you said. They won’t disregard your opinions and will always respond to your words.

2. They remember

Following the previous point, if they’re interested in you, they’ll remember everything you said. Even the most inane or random thing will be remembered. From your hobbies, likes, dislikes to personal matters about your family as well as work-related matters.

3. They’re Helpful

When we say they’re helpful we don’t mean in the basic sense of opening the door for you. We mean that they’re always willing to lend a helping hand to you no matter the situation and won’t hesitate to help in any way possible. Even if they don’t gain anything from it.

4. They Make the First Move

When someone’s interested in you, they’ll take the initiative to approach you first. Initiating a conversation once or twice doesn’t count but if it happens too often to be a coincidence then chances are they’ve taken a liking to you.

5. They Check Up on You

Not like a stalker or anything (maybe a little bit) but liking someone usually means wanting to get to know everything about the other person. They might follow your social media accounts, ask about your plans or how your day is going. Small talk like that only comes about when one is interested.

6. They Defend/Protect You

From harm from slander, you name it. If you mean nothing to them they wouldn’t meddle in your affairs and leave you to sort out your own life. But if they take your side in arguments and protect you from even the smallest of things like bugs, then just maybe it means something more.

7. They’re Always by Your Side

Liking someone means wanting to be by their side and wanting to spend time with them. So, if he or she can be found hanging around you more often than not even after work or during the weekends then their interest in you is certainly high.

These are just some of the signs you can consider looking at to know whether he or she likes you as a friend or more. But if the person you like hasn’t made the first move it isn’t wrong for you to do so. You can do it by gifting them with a lovely personalized birthday gift and see where it goes from there.