No we are not talking about opening up a new bakery in town! As a matter of fact, a new baby is coming soon! So for those who are expecting, keep on reading to know a few ways to celebrate your upcoming newborn.

Gender Reveal Party

So you have revealed your pregnancy to your family and close friends not a while ago and now it’s time for a gender reveal party! There a lot of fun ways to reveal your baby’s gender.

It is known that blue represents a boy while pink represents a girl so why not cut a cake with a blue or pink cream inside. Everyone will be excited to see the colour inside while you’re cutting the cake and they will surely enjoy eating the cute cake afterwards. You can might as well pop a balloon filled with pink or blue-coloured confetti and surprise your guests!

Baby Shower

A bestfriend or a sister of yours is throwing you a baby shower? Lucky you! Babies need a lot of things when they arrive so just enjoy your baby shower and have fun with your relatives and friends during the day.

Hate being the centre of attention? Plan a small get-together like a brunch or hi-tea instead. A small and cosy baby shower would usually be made of of an all-girl guest list where they could share their labour tales and later everyone would go Oohs and Awws over cute baby things while you open up the baby gifts such as custom baby onesies  from them. Of course, when all is getting too overwhelming, it is time slide into those loose and comfy graphic maternity t-shirts  for a more relaxed feel while you spend time with your ladies.

Baby Announcement

Announcing the arrival of your little bundle of joy is so exciting! We know! Choose an appropriate time to announce your baby’s arrival because although all of them can’t wait to meet your little sunshine, they’d understand that you are having your hands full with the baby.

So, invite those closest to you that would truly share the happiness with you. Want your baby announcement party be more interesting than usual? Wear baby announcement t-shirts  (your husband included) that have your baby’s name, birth date and weight printed on them. So instead of answering the same questions over and over again, they can read those details on your custom printed t-shirts! Cool, isn’t it?

For every occasion and celebration, be ready with some tokens of appreciation  for your guests to appreciate them coming to see you and your baby. Congratulations and enjoy all the wonderful moments of becoming a parent!

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