Although getting married to the love of your life is a celebration by itself, it wouldn’t hurt to participate in some festivities as a way of further celebrating your joyous union. Below, we’ve prepared some fun and interesting ideas you can incorporate into your celebration so as to make it an event to remember.

Before the Wedding

Typically, before the wedding occurs, close friends of the bride and groom will organise separate bachelor or bachelorette parties for them. During such parties, anything can happen. They can be as wild as you want them to be with loud music and flexible dancers or as tame as high tea at a classy café.

Since your friends were kind enough to organise a wonderful ‘surprise’ event for you (not really a surprise since you probably knew all about it but you get what we mean right), surprise them in return with a kind gesture such as gifting them with their own custom-printed bachelor party t-shirts or bachelorette party t-shirts. Besides that, other small gifts such as thank you chocolates can also be given.

During the Wedding

As we said before, the wedding itself is a party for that is where individuals from all corners of your life come together to celebrate your special day. So make sure that this long-awaited day is special not just for you but also for them by ensuring that your wedding ceremony is perfected with all the necessary furnishings such as delicious food, entertainment for all ages as well as appreciative gifts for your guests. Nonetheless, all this depends on your budget.

If your budget is tight, don’t splurge unnecessarily as that will put you in a tough predicament in the future. Instead, find budget-friendly options by looking around at what’s available in the market. Compact yet useful gifts such as custom-made keychains  for one are a good option to get as lovely wedding party favour gifts. As for your close friends and family members, you can perhaps get them personalised wedding t-shirts.

After the Wedding

You’re finally married, congratulations! You celebrated your union before the wedding and on the day itself, how about after the wedding? Just because you’re already married it doesn’t mean that the party is over and done with. If you play your cards right, every day is a party and is worth celebrating. So shower your better half daily with love and gifts such as a just married t-shirt.

Now, we know that you must be thinking that it’d be too expensive to get them a gift every single day. However, your gift doesn’t need to be of the expensive kind. It can even be as simple as their favourite bar of chocolate or a hand-written love note. What’s important is that through your gift they’ll be able to feel the depth of your love for them.