When you love someone, you don't put a price tag on it.

And they say when you love someone, you will be foolishly in love.

Guilty as charged. Some of us can immensely relate to this statement. Being in love got us cocooned into a different world. Our take of life have changed and we no longer feel the same. Sparks fly when your loved one is around as if the world stops spinning and centered around the two of you.

That’s a bit of a stretch but we will get to the point..

Have you ever loved someone so much that you want to give them the world? Or in this case, lots and lots of gifts.

Giving a gift is not a crime but there is a time in which a gift can bear a different message to the receiver.

We might have one or two female friends who keep spending money to their boyfriend despite us keep telling them no.

Why? These are the reasons.

1.You gift too much

Hey, girl. It’s okay to give a gift to your boyfriend. Us girls can relate too much on it. We want to show him that we care and one of our love languages is through a gesture of affection. In this case, we want to gift something to convey our feeling.

But what is not okay? Giving too much until the point he suffocates. You keep showering him with excessive gifts will only cause him to repel away from you.

A personalised gift for your boyfriend will be fine. You don’t need to over do it.

Like really? Gifts for monthsary? Who does that? Giving him a gift each month is a sign of desperation. You can’t keep a man with a gift.

Unless he is after something…..

2. Expect the same from him

Expectation is a silent killer in every relationship. Being in a relationship with someone, of course you should your own have expectation on how things should evolve or to placing it on your partner. But too much of it? Can absolutely kill the relationship instantly.

You give your partner a gift for his birthday. He loves it, he adores it and he tells you how much your gift means a lot to him.

Secretly, you wish that he will reciprocate in the same manner as your birthday is approaching.

When the day finally comes; you notice that no gift comes to place, only his last minute wishes and his promise to bring you to dinner.

It is enough to start a World War 3.

However, you must remember that individuals in love speaks in a different language of love. Some boyfriends are not into gifts, while some are into it. Ladies, how can you judge a man who doesn’t want to gift you a gift but want to bring you somewhere special to celebrate your birthday. Seriously.

3. Spend a lot on a gift

This is another don’t if you want to gift your boyfriend a gift. Why on earth would you want to spend a lot on a guy? Okay, we heard you loud and clear. It’s your money and you deserve the right to be overspending on a gift for him.

We really hate to be the one who break the news; your value isn’t going to be defined by all your lavish gifts.

Some women think if they give an inexpensive gift, their boyfriend will think lowly of them or they are scared that their boyfriends will drift away from them.

Honey, you are not a convenience store to please him.

If he loves you, he will love anything you gift him without having you to break the bank.

Unless your net worth is similar to Kylie Jenner’s, then by all means, go ahead.

The key is to be sincere. Hence, gift your boyfriend something special, something meaningful.

4. Gift him something based on the gift guide

Your boyfriend will like everything you give him. Fact check.

But you cannot expect him to really love the gift when you gift him something that you think he would enjoy.

Again you have placed an unnecessary expectation on him.

You scour a list of gift guide for your boyfriend, and decided to pick one from the list. He’s a book nerd and he enjoys reading. So, you thought that it will be great to gift him the bestseller book that year.

Only to realise later, he isn’t really into a sappy love story, he’s a Murakami fan.

5. You’re the only one who’s giving a gift or doing something nice

Relationship is like an investment. You invest to get something in return and you must be willing to take the risk. However, if you feel like you are the initiator of everything. EVERYTHING. Something has gone wrong somewhere.

The point of giving someone a gift is to make them happy and when they are happy, so will the giver right?

But it is always you. You are the one who starts everything. You are over investing and he hasn’t done anything to reciprocate and not even a nice gesture.

This is different than placing an unrealistic expectations on him.

When you are over investing, trust us you will know it in your heart.

You can feel it.

There needs to be a balance for everything, so does presenting your boyfriend a gift. It can be difficult if he doesn’t give you any sly hints of what he might want for his birthday or etc. So for his gift, why not start by being personal?

Gift him a custom personal gift that better reflects his personality and you can’t go wrong with that!