Sooner or later everyone gets old. That’s just the way of life. You’ve seen it happen to those around you from your parents, teachers, neighbours, etc. And as age catches up to you, slowly but surely your physical and mental abilities will start to falter. However, this won’t be a cause for concern if you know how to handle it properly. Since it’s going to happen anyway, it’s best to be as prepared as you can be so that you age gracefully. That’s why we’ve prepared several types of fun memory slash brain exercises that’ll help you and your loved ones to do so.

1. Music

Many studies have shown the beneficial aspects of music towards one’s memory. So that we don’t bore you with a list of academic papers covering the issue, we won’t list down the papers but you’re more than welcome to Google it yourself. Even if you think you aren’t in the least bit musically inclined, you can still boost your memory through learning by heart the lyrics to a song. To make it even more challenging, learn the lyrics of a song that’s not of your native language.

2. Jigsaw Puzzles

Don’t think that it’s just an entertaining game for children as jigsaw puzzles can also be a fun pastime for adults. Besides being a fun game that helps you while away the time, there are many benefits to this classic game. Famously known as a great fine motor skill activity, the impact it has on the mind especially the memory can’t be denied. From the moment the assembled photo jigsaw puzzle pieces are studied and then disassembled so that it can be put together again, the neurons of the brain are working together to make the correct connections between the pieces.

3. Cooking

Another fun and engaging activity that aids in boosting memory is through cooking. This activity engages all five human senses of sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste which are all connected to different parts of the brain. So, by training all of these parts it’ll definitely help you to improve your memory. Additionally, it’ll also satisfy your stomach which is a definite plus. Therefore, go and learn a new recipe be it for appetisers, main courses or desserts. Any kind is fine as long as it gets you thinking and working that brain of yours.