“Eh, give me some ideas. I don’t know what to buy for my brother.” How many times has that happened to you? Countless, I’m sure. Some may say buying gifts for women is hard but I beg to differ. It may be difficult finding the perfect gift for your brother but it isn’t impossible. Stick around to see what gift and present ideas I’ve got that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest men in your life.

Gift idea for the true gamer
There’s a reason why this one is at the top of the list. I’m positive that many of you (boys and girls) know what Steam is. (It’s an online gaming distribution platform.) Steam’s popularity has been growing without an end in sight these days. So that’s why I think a gift card is an amazing gift idea (personally, I wouldn’t mind getting one myself). But if you think your brother might prefer something offline and physical, why not try table-top games?5Image credit eclubstore.com

Gift idea for the movie buff
Great for date nights, lazy days and Sunday mornings, iflix’s RM8 a month subscription will be sure to fill your brother’s schedule. Movies and TV shows are great for spending time with family and friends and it’s so easy for you to offer your sibling that luxury at a reasonable cost. But you might say “Why iflix when we have Netflix in our region?” It’s really just what you prefer. Have a read here over on Stuff.tv so you can be the judge.
4Image credit iflix.com

Gift idea for the stylish wanderer
Is your brother the practical type? Is he always on the go? If he is then that’s why getting him a messenger bag will suit him very well. It comes in numerous styles and colours, so even if he’s the picky type you will still be able to find one that will fit his fancy.
3Image credit zalora.com.my

Gift idea for the modern man
The Forgetful Gentleman : Thirty Ways to Turn Good Intentions into Action. Here’s a book that will teach your brother all he needs to know about how to tie a necktie correctly, order a proper drink, and rock a suit like a boss. In other words, it will turn him into a more politically correct version of Barney Stinson. You can find it in local book stores like Kinokuniya.
2Image credit malaysia.kinokuniya.com

Gift idea for the guy with a sweet tooth
One of the best ways to unwind is to stuff your face with ice-cream at home, in bed. Some may say it’s a girl thing but guys are allowed to indulge in a pint (or quart, if they’re feeling adventurous) of their favourite ice-cream especially after a long week of work.
Untitled-1Image credit baskinrobbins.com.my