Unless you’re the type of person who enjoys going grocery shopping on a daily or weekly basis, you might consider getting the vegetables listed below. They’ll save you not just time but also money as you won’t have to make frequent runs to the store. This is because out of all the various vegetables out there, they tend to last the longest if you know how to properly care for them that is.

1. Cabbage

Although it might not be a favourite of many (to be honest all vegetables are like that), it is without a doubt a versatile vegetable as it can be eaten as it is or after it has been cooked. To ensure that your cabbage lasts for an extended period of time, don’t wash it unless you’re about to use it, handle with care so it doesn’t bruise, and keep it wrapped in plastic in the vegetable drawer. If you follow these rules, your cabbage can even last up to two months.

2. Garlic

Garlic that is untouched will last for months; even half a year is possible. If the cloves are separated, it will last up to a month or two. But once you chop a part of it off, the most you’ll have is a week before it’ll start going bad. To prevent the remaining half from being wastefully tossed away, place it in the fridge in a container. However, if brown or yellow spots appear then that means it’s on its way to spoiling.

3. Onions

Onions kept on the kitchen counter can last more than a month. Keep them in the fridge and it’ll last for several more weeks. For a much longer shelf life, say about eight months or so, place your onions in the freezer. Nonetheless, their shelf life will significantly decrease if the skins have been removed. To prolong its life for about a week, you can store the peeled onions in the fridge inside a container.

4. Potatoes

When storing them, keep them away from onions and apples. This is because when potatoes are in close contact with them it’ll cause it to ripen more quickly due to the natural gasses emitted. The shelf life of potatoes stored in the fridge can be up to four months. If it’s kept outside then it’ll maybe last about two to five weeks. But if the surrounding temperature rises, it’ll ripen and spoil faster.

These vegetables don’t just have a long shelf life but they’re also useful in many recipes so it definitely won’t be a waste for you to have them in your pantry. Know what else won’t be a waste to get for your home? Our custom-made gift items of course! Shop today!