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I don’t know about you but staying at home for a long period of time has turned me into an uncertified interior designer :p. There’s always something that needs to be done at the house. The first phase of MCO got me into a spring cleaning mode, now that the Raya is just around the corner. I’d cleaned every crooks and corner of my house until I have no idea on what to clean next.


The second phase of MCO was a bit different. I channeled my inner Marie Kondo in which most of my time was spent to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff at my house. That’s the funny thing about staying at home for too long, everything you see started to look like a nuisance in your eyes. So, I asked myself…what’s next? What’s on the list?

Being an avid Facebook fanatic has got me into thinking that there’s gotta be more than this. Like a Sherlock Holmes in disguise, I joined several Facebook’s house cleaning and decor groups only to be mesmerized and enamored by the wits of some Malaysians who had put on their creative hats to transform their ordinary home into a complete masterpiece.

Suffice to say that I was hooked from day 1 but in order to do a house makeover, I have to spend a large sum of money. But the thing is, we are told to save up. See the dilemmas that I have to put up with?

But there’s this one thing that is called determination and after long hours of searching for the affordable transformations, I finally found the answer.

Who’s to say that a house makeover should be expensive?

Let’s go unearth the secrets to beautify your home with the transformations that you can afford!

1. Easy wall transformation

Your interior wall plays an important role in setting the right tone of the ambiance in your home and if you are planning to transform the room, what would better than focusing on your feature wall. Some might opt for painting but it can cost you a lot of money if it is applied wrongly. Nobody wants an ugly wall. Lol.

TIPS 1: Use a wallpaper

Photo video credit to Theerah AnanasLovers

Easy breezy and they look extremely nice too! One easy application and just carefully paste the wallpaper on your wall. Some wallpapers come in a form of adhesive and some are with the sticker at the back. My personal favourite is one with the sticker behind it. 

Here’s the trick: Whether you buy it online or going to the store to purchase, please measure your wall’s length and width to estimate the number of your wallpapers. Otherwise…you will end up having to wait for another batch of wallpapers to arrive at your home.

Where to get budget wallpaper: You can get them at Eco shop for RM2.10 a roll or from MR.DIY, *prices range from RM4.** and more depending on the width and length or its type.

The photo was taken from Eco Shop Shopee

TIPS 2: Install wainscoting

Credit to Pinterest

For those who are unfamiliar with wainscoting, they are amazingggggg, and installing it to your interior wall will inject a luxurious feel to it.

Here’s the trick: Measurement is the key and makes sure that you have a steady hand if you are pasting it to your wall especially if you are using a form type. Whether it is form or PVC type, another tip to remember is to layout the panels. Use an adhesive tape to help you outline.

Where to get budget wainscoting: Get them from Lazada and Shopee. Prices range from RM 8.xx depending on its length and width as well as the type. Have to be rajin to search.

2. DIY viral decoration tree

The prices of the trees are varied depending on the length. So If you think that you can do it yourself, why not succumb to the temptation? I had successfully attempted this by doing one using a tutorial from here and they are brilliant. I love the fact that it’s easy to do and it has added some flair to my living room. Brownie point? My mom totally loves it and it costs me…….less than RM30. HAHAHAHA.

TIPS 1: Making a Banana leaf tree and Fiddle Fig leaf

Credit image from Mingguan Wanita

Choose the leaves that you want carefully and make sure you follow the instruction to the latter. You can choose to create a large size tree or a small one. In my case, I created a small one to be put on a side table. Simple and practical. Learn how to create one here courtesy from Fadilah Arifin.

Here’s the trick: You can’t go wrong unless you treat the tree as a Christmas tree by stuffing all the leaves on it. It’s a bit wee much. Unless you are cool with it, then we are too :p

Where to get the materials: Eco store for RM 2.10 for a packet (4 leaves) and the rest you can get from the convenience store or the florist. The ones your mom loves to go to get her artificial flower arrangement done. Yes, that one.

3. New flooring 😀

Photo credit from Google

I have yet to try this but from the posts and statuses from the fellow Facebookers, I must say that the results are pretty impressive. The reviews from Shopee have given me enough confidence to try it later and for you who are on the lookout of budget flooring, why not give this a go.

TIPS 1: Opt for the vinyl flooring with a self-adhesive type

Here’s the trick: Choose vinyl flooring for a classic look and most importantly as we can’t stress this enough, measure your floor’s length and width first and make sure that you buy a few spare of flooring set just in case for emergency. The key is to be cautious when you are installing. No worries, you will be fine.

Where to get the new flooring: There are a lot of flooring stores that provide a variety of options and affordable prices. Need em cheap? You can browse more flooring on Shopee and some of them are inexpensive too.

4. Custom canvas

Canvases that I hang on the wall of my room are ancient. Meaning to say that they are outdated and cast a gloomy look in my room. But if you can have cool wall art that functions as a feature wall for your room, it will totally transform the room’s look and will brighten up the space. But as I want it to be special and personal, hence I choose to customise my canvas and have them printed with my friend’s photo.

TIPS 1: Choose the perfect size for your canvas.

Here’s the trick: Size does matter because the canvas is a statement decor. It complements your wall, hence it is important that you pick the right size for space. Otherwise, it will be too overcrowded.

Where to get the canvas: Printcious has great online design tools that allow you to make your own canvas. Whatever artwork that you wish to print, you can have them printed with great quality. It comes with varied sizes too to be fitted to your wall.

5. DIY wall mirror

The photo was taken from Wan Helmi Noordin via Ohbulan

Want to make your living room or any spaces in your house looks bigger and spacious? Here’s the neat trick, how about making a DIY wall mirror collage? Mirrors as you might as well know, do not come as cheap. Some mirrors can cost you hundreds but in our entry, it will cost you RM30 and less. Still, you can do a budget DIY wall mirror depending on how much you want to spend.

TIPS 1: They come in shape and sizes. Similarly to canvas, you might want to choose the size that fits your wall space

Here’s the trick: Plan, visualise, and execute. Browse the mirrors that you want first and then decide the layout that you want.

Where to get the mirror: Get it from Mr.Diy or Eco shop for RM2.10 per piece

This article is written based on the writer’s experience and straight from the heart. I truly hope that this entry inspires you to transform your home this year and can be beneficial to you.

Till next time.