In light of the recent health concerns that have plagued not just Malaysia but numerous other countries worldwide, it is of no wonder that more and more people are taking exceptional care of their health and wellbeing. Among the more common ways of doing so is by wearing masks in public and by using hand sanitisers.

Due to the worrisome outbreak of coronavirus infections not just in Singapore but also in Malaysia, both items are in high demand where some stores even find themselves unable to cater to their customers’ needs. If you find yourself unable to get your hands on such precious items, don’t fret as you can still take good care of your health without them.

1. Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Have you heard of this phrase before? If you haven’t, it means to always ensure that your persons and surroundings are clean. For, when you’re physically clean, your spirit is too. Thus, strive to keep clean at all times of the day by throwing away your rubbish and avoiding dirty locations. Besides, diseases are often attracted by dirt and repelled by a clean environment. So what better way to keep yourself healthy and happy than by keeping clean? One good way to make sure that your clothes are free from dirt, stains, and what not, is to wear an apron. But don’t just get any ol’ apron; get a custom-printed apron made at Printcious.

2. Sharing is not caring

The phrase is wrong you say? It should be ‘sharing is caring’? Well, normally, that would be the case. However, for times such as these, such a heartfelt practice may affect one negatively instead of positively. When you share food or items with another, it allows for the transfer of germs. So although this practice is originally one borne from good intentions, for the current world of today where harmful germs can easily be transmitted from one individual to another, it should be avoided at all costs.

3. Avoid skinship for a healthy relationship

Don’t know what skinship is? It’s basically a form of bonding that comes from the physical contact between two individuals who share a close relationship with one another. People typically initiate skinship with their family members, close friends and significant other. Closely related to the previous point, skinship which is originally a good thing should for the meanwhile be avoided so as to prevent the transmission of harmful germs.

But if you can’t seem to live without hugging, kissing or touching your loved one (let’s be honest here, who can?), it’s best to make sure that both you and them maintain clean habits such as washing your hands often and using tissues whenever necessary.

4. Consideration isn’t overrated

Even though this point might seem redundant, it still needs to be said as sometimes the most obvious point is often overlooked. For one, when you sneeze or cough, kindly do it in the opposite direction and not right in the face of an unsuspecting individual who was just minding their own business.

Another thing, if you do by chance sneeze in the opposite direction, make sure that the direction you’re sneezing into does not have a fan blowing towards other people as it will only accelerate the transmission of germs. If you don’t have enough time to look both ways before you sneeze or cough, make sure to always have on hand some tissues or a handkerchief. If won’t just be a lifesaver for you but also for those around you too.

5. Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect!

How to disinfect if hand sanitisers are out of stock everywhere? Though the demand for hand sanitisers is on the rise, it is highly unlikely that you’re unable to get your hands on them. But on the odd chance that all the sanitisers in your nearby stores have been completely bought out, you can always rely on the trusted and true hand soap. It might be slightly more inconvenient in terms of needing water to wash it away completely but it is still an effective hand cleansing method.