If you are a frequent visitor to any events or conferences; suffice to say that you’d probably have collected so many lanyards that it’s almost become a norm.

That’s the thing about lanyard. It has so many benefits that almost everyone utilises it in daily life. You can wear them on your neck and some lanyards are also designed specifically for the wrist and the waist. Now, that’s one lanyard we would like to see! We believe that no matter where you go, you can see many individuals or organisations use lanyards for different purposes.

Today, we would like to uncover what are lanyards for and how they can be used to benefit your needs.

#1 Useful and Practical

In terms of practicality, lanyard surely will win our top spot. Its uses will keep your hands free! Imagine if you are in a conference or any event, wearing a lanyard with your ID card surely will come in handy as it allows you to move freely without having to hold your ID card the entire time! A lanyard can help you to display your ID card, your employee card and so many things. It can also hold different items. So worry not, a lanyard will come to save your day!

#2 Advertise and Promote Your Business

A lanyard is basically is one of the most economical ways for you to promote your brand easily. Want to advertise your product easily? Get a customised lanyard printed with your company logo as it will be worn by everyone making it a fantastic way to get people to recognise your brand.

#3 Safety 

Safety in a workplace is a must for any organisation. And this can easily be achieved by having an employee wears an identification card with a lanyard which will be visible at all times. This will help in identifying an unauthorised personnel from entering your workplace easily and increase security.

#4 Making Friends

Remember the first time when you first started a job in your company in which you were supplied with a lanyard and identification? And how people can easily recognise you and call out your name? Thanks to a lanyard, you can now make friends with ease.

#5 Interacting with Customers

With the use of lanyards, you may notice that your customers can actually interact with you better. By having your ID card on display, your customers will know your name which will create a sense of familiarity between you and the customers.

#6 Inexpensive

Lots of promotional items will require you to spend a large amount of money to promote your business. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Lanyards are indeed effective to be used in any functions and as promotional giveaways which won’t cost you much compared to other promotional materials.

#7 Employee Recognition

We’ve discussed about how an employee can recognise one another in the previous point. But when it comes to recognition or award, what would be better than a specially customised lanyard from the company to its employee to show their appreciation? It can be an incentive to boost their confidence and pride.

#8 Professional Look

Wearing a lanyard can certainly make one looks good. Especially if you are in an organisation. This will give a more professional look to each employee.

#9 Durable

IT’S LONG LASTING! We truly believe that it is one of the essential qualities needed in any promotional material. What’s the point of having a promotional item that can’t last longer, easy to break or damaged which totally beat its purposes? Its nylon material is not only durable but can withstand lots of weight.

#10 Unity 

Do you believe us when we say that lanyards will help to foster unity among your employees? Wearing a lanyard will certainly help the employees to build the trust among each other and will work together to make the company successful.

With so many benefits that one can reap, it is no wonder that lots of organisations and businesses out there have chosen lanyard as an effective promotional material for their companies.

Interested to have our lanyards to promote your business? Check out our custom lanyard printing that you can customise with your own lanyard design and lanyard card holder! Contact us today.