Led by Chairman Y. Bhg Datuk Nozirah binti Bahari, Cradle Fund Sdn. Bhd. is an agency under the Ministry of Finance (MOF) Malaysia. It is a non-profit organisation that manages the Cradle Investment Programme (CIP 500) where technopreneurs can apply for the commercialisation fund.

We’re excited to announce that Printcious has recently been awarded as one of the recipients of CIP500. As mentioned before, CIP500 is the commercialisation fund that helps technopreneurs to better commercialise and market their products.

With the CIP500 aiding us, we will definitely work harder to build a better experience for everyone. Especially for the designers that have signed up under the Printcious Designer Program, we will strive to provide a better environment and more appreciation perks. Sign up today to receive pioneer advantages and perks as the Designer Program grows!


As our vision and mission stay true, our horizon and perception will continue to expand as far as the eyes can see. We are always listening for ideas from everyone about the type of gifts they’d like to see on Printcious. Hence, from the many gifts that are available now on our website, we will add even more! Don’t miss out on more gift options.

Did you know that we have recently launched our Instant Gift Printing (IGP) service? Instead of ordering and getting their gifts delivered after the event, event organizers have contacted us for our service and get their customised gifts printed on the spot. Interested to know more about this service? Click here to learn more.

It is now possible to extend our services to even more branches and provide you with more gift printing options thanks to the CIP 500. Like sending a more aesthetic gift box and giving you high quality presents every time!

Such abundance of joy and great news will definitely raise our team’s enthusiasm. As such, we will work harder to better serve you, our beloved customers, with great gifts at great discounts! Remember, giving with art is giving with heart.

2Here’s our founders accepting the CIP500 commercialisation fund

3Twin brothers, Henry and Vincent Tong happily receiving the grant which typically helps technopreneurs to better commercialise and market their products.

Cradle CIP500 - PrintciousHere are Cradle’s Official with our founders Vincent, Henry, Kenneth, Daniel and Swee Tee Tong after receiving the CIP500 Award Certificate

5aThe Cradle handbook explains how the commercialisation fund works and how it helps sustain technopreneurs.



Thank you again to everyone that has helped made this achievable. Our endless gratitude goes to Cradle Fund Sdn. Bhd. for awarding us with the CIP 500, our harmonious Printcious team and last but never least, our beautiful customers around the world that have supported us throughout this journey.

Don’t forget to checkout on Printcious with the voucher code CIP500 to get 50% off your purchase! Limited to first 50 customers only so hurry while the code’s still hot.